About Us

Top Flight Jacket (www.topflightjacket.com) is an online site dedicated to recommending the best affordable flight jackets in the world! From A-2s to unique bomber jackets such as the M-444 and even fligh jackets for women, we work hard to bring you what is top quality.

As an affiliate of many big name companies such as Schott, CockpitUSA, US Authentic, and etc.,  all our visitors do not lose a cent with us when ordering from www.topflightjacket.com. We simply earn a small commission for the advertising we do on our servers. We look out and research to promote the best flight jackets out there to keep you warm, comfortable, and stylish!

Last but not least, we are believers of using every piece of materials available. Although many may not agree, the use of leather is a smart conscience way of using up every part of an animal we consume in this meat eating world. Why waste the skin when you can use it to clothe someone? Leather not only is way eco-friendlier than pleater (PVC leather), leather is breathable, stronger,  and more durable than most types of clothing. In fact, there are some flight jackets out there in good condition that have been around for more than 50 years ago. Do the research and do the math. Instead of buying non-leather jackets every year because they rip or our of style, all you need is one or two high quality jackets that have the ability to last you a lifetime. You save the environment, you save your wallet, and you look damn good because we believe that flight jackets, especially those made famous by American pilots, will never go out of style.

We do our best to ensure that each jacket and the leather use is made and produced in the USA!

Thank you!