Avirex A-2 MacArthur Horsehide Leather Bomber Flight Jacket Cockpit 44

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This is a late 1980’s vintage Avirex (now Cockpit USA) horsehide MacArthur leather A2 flight jacket in size 44, the same size as MacArthur’s real one. This jacket has the normal patina of a 30 year old horsehide leather jacket, which is to say that it is just getting broken-in. This jacket is ready for another 30-40 years. No holes in the leather, knits are in good shape with no holes, but some loss of elasticity. Lining is in great shape. Zipper on the left side where it goes into the slide is a bit worn and could use a piece of nylon tape. Snaps are all present and working. For whatever reason, the jacket has 2 sets of collar snaps. I am not the original owner, so I couldn’t really explain why, but they appear to be original. Jacket is from a non-smoking household.

Fit-wise, I would say it is between a modern day 44R to 44S. I am selling it because I felt the jacket was too short for my torso and a bit large in the shoulders. I am 6’, 180 lbs, and normally wear a 42R or L suit, so you can see how it fits me in the picture. Measured from the base of the collar, it is 24” to the bottom of the waist band, and 35” to the cuffs. The length is about the same as the size L (42-44) Nomex CWU flight jackets I wore in the military.

Avirex A-2 MacArthur Horsehide Leather Bomber Flight Jacket Cockpit 44. Condition is Pre-owned. Shipped free with USPS Priority Mail.

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